Here are some photos for you all to see a glimpse of my amazing trip to Sri Lanka! It was truly incredible and I couldn’t have done it with out all of your support. 

Janoda, tea plantation, and wildlife

Working with children and the journey to Hambantotha

The Millennium Elephant Foundation

Day 16

We started the day with a bit more dance practice for the performance this evening, I'm pretty sure we've got it nailed at this point, but you can judge when you see the video. This was followed by a visit to the salt farms, which were really cool, except the tour bus had zero suspension and the road was extremely bumpy. Then, we spent afternoon packing and tidying the house, as well as finishing off a Buddhist shrine that we started building yesterday. This evening we have the leaving ceremony, which will finish at midnight, then tomorrow we are spending the whole day travelling

Day 15

We started off with some games with our buddies today, much like the ones we did at MEF, which was fun. After that we did some first aid activities, such as CPR and practising the recovering position, which was led by Oliver and I. Finally, in the afternoon we went to the orphanage again, where we did lots of games and activities, as well as some more dancing.

Day 14

Another long day today. We started it with a two and a half hour drive to a tea plantation, where they made lots of extremely overpriced tea, that cost up to £30 per 30g! After that we took some photos by the beach, and ate lunch, before going into the town of Galle, where we had a scavenger hunt with our buddies, looking for different things all over the place. We lost, but had a great time anyway. That was pretty much it, all that was left was the three hour drive back to the foundation, where we went to sleep almost immediately

Day 13

We only really did one thing today. Eat. Eat a bit more. Eat a whole lot more. We ate at ten separate different house as we all visited the family's of our buddies, gave them our presents, and received our presents. They were all really kind and hospitable, which was great, except they kept offering us food, even when we had already eaten so much! The food was delicious though, and it was a really fun day. We were literally doing that from dawn to dusk, and obviously we didn't have any supper, so there really isn't much else to talk about.


Day 12

No early morning safaris today, we went straight to the school, where we each planted a mango tree with our buddies next to the car park, which was a really great activity. Then, we interviewed lots of different students of the school on different parts of their life. Tian and I focused on their view on reading, which is often encouraged at the school, which was good to see. We also wrote our names on the benches that we bought for the school with our project funds, along with a short message. This was followed by an hour of dance practice, in which we finished and almost perfected the dance for the actual thing at the leaving ceremony on Tuesday. Next, after a bit of lunch, we all got in the coach and travelled to the elephant orphanage, where we saw lots of tiny baby elephants, which were absolutely adorable. We also went on a safari around the nearby national park, where we saw entire herds of wild elephants, very similar to the bison herds we saw when we went to Yellowstone a year ago. It was an incredible day over all, and I really enjoyed it.

Day 11

Today we woke up early. Again. But it was absolutely worth it, as we travelled to a nature reserve where we saw monkeys, a wild elephant, and a crocodile. Plus, when we visited the museum, there was a tarantula underneath the chair, which scared the living daylights out of all of us. So that was fun. Afterwards, we went to the school and weaved some baskets out of palm leaves with our buddies. It was really difficult, but that just made it more satisfying when we finally finished. It was Eliza's buddy's birthday today as well, so we had a mini party to celebrate. Next, after some activities with our buddies, such as hydraulics with lolly pop sticks, we visited the Buddhist temple with them, where we saw what the locals do when they go to pray. Finally, we returned to Janoda foundation it the evening.

Day 10

This morning we went back to the school, and did lots of activities with our buddies, including a traditional Sri Lankan dance that was extremely complicated. Then, in the afternoon we visited the children in the orphanage, who were extremely sweet, and really difficult to leave even though we are seeing them again on Monday.

Day 9

We woke up extremely early again, as we were going to see the fish come in at the market. We looked around there for a bit, and bought some prawns to eat that evening, before seeing an incredible sunrise over the Indian Ocean. For most of the day however, we painted and finished our projects, although we ended up working in the dark, it gave us an immense sense of satisfaction.

Day 8

Today we finally met our buddies at their school, which is called the Tzu Chi school. My buddy is called Minangee, she is very excitable but also quite shy. We socialised with them for a bit, but they had exams in the afternoon, so we parted ways and returned to the foundation, where we started work on our projects. Oliver, Mr Curry, and I, started work on our hop scotch for the nursery children, however we only got as far as sketching it out before we had to stop. After eating some amazing curry, we went to bed.

Day 7

First, we went to an amazing bird park, filled with incredible birds that I've never seen before, including ostriches!  We also fed lots of colourful, small birds, which immediately latched onto all of us, especially Izzy, who had eight on her at one point! After leaving the bird park, we went to the market which we explored and some of us went to the beach. The waves were massive, and Oliver nearly lost his flip flop!

Day 6

Another early start, as we left MEF and journeyed to the South, via an incredible train journey through the countryside, which has been voted the Second best train ride in the world. Other than that, there isn't much else to talk about. We arrived at the Janoda foundation, and almost immediately settled into bed.

Day 5

First of all I would like to apologise for the fact that I haven't posted anything over the past few days, as the internet has been awful, however I will catch up on everything I've done over the past few days. The Pera Hera festival was amazing! There were elephants dressed in colourful fabrics and a giant tree outside of the temple, which we walked around. When we got back we played lots of different games, including all of us playing tug of war with an elephant, which was great fun.

Day 4

 We started the day by finishing our projects! We painted and nailed some signs to stakes, then stuck them into the ground, as you will see when the internet is good enough to upload photos. Then, we visited the elephant paper factory, where they make paper out of elephant dung. When we returned, we washed the elephants again, and they also washed us during an elephant shower, where we sat on their backs at let them spray us with their trunks, which was incredible. Finally, we talked to a Buddhist who was visiting, and who wanted to talk to the volunteers about his religion. It was really interesting to hear all about his religious views of the world, and see how different his views are to mine.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Pera Hera festival, which is really exciting.

Day 3

Today we started our projects at the sanctuary, which included a wall mural that most of the people worked on, and some signs with facts about the area, which Nick, Mr Curry, and I worked on. It was really great fun. We also did the usual work with the elephants, and went on an elephant walk through the forest, which is effectively a dog walk but much, much cooler. It wasn't a very eventful day, but certainly a fun one.

Day 2

We were slightly less exhausted today, so working was much easier. In the morning we did the usual activities like washing the elephants and cleaning their beds. We also made them vitamin balls for them to eat, balls of bread with pills inside them. At lunchtime, we went to a special needs school, and did lots of activities with the children there such as dancing or drawing. After that, we went on to do lots of shopping around the town that the school was in, before leaving to go back home.

Day 1

Pretty uneventful at first, as we were mainly just on a 12 hour plane journey! When we arrived however, having had barely any sleep on the plane with a full day ahead of us without sleep, we got to work. The elephants are incredible, as you can see in the pictures above. Plus, we spent a good two hours helping some primary school children to learn English, which was great fun. We washed and fed the elephants, once again, incredible. We also cleaned out the elephant beds, which was disgusting but also strangely fun. Surprisingly enough we had curry for lunch and supper, before getting some well earned sleep.

Heading off tomorrow

Just letting you know that I'm leaving tomorrow, I'm really excited, and I couldn't have done it without your incredible support. I'll be updating on here as much as I can over the next few weeks, so keep your eye out.



We finally made it! The last mile was by far the hardest but we did it, it was so flat that it felt like it went on forever. Thank you so much for all of your donations, I couldn’t have done it without you. Please don’t donate any more as I have achieved all of the money that I need for my trip to Sri Lanka. I’ll use this site do update you after I get back, so you can look out for that. Thank you all once again.


Day four!

We didn’t see as much of the wall on the fourth day as on the day before, but what we did see was amazing. When we finally finished we rested in the comfort that the next day would be much shorter.


Half Way

The weather was pretty rubbish today, it has actually hailing at one point! We passed the half-way point however, which was encouraging.  We were walking in the dark at the end of the day, this was by far the hardest one. Tomorrow should be a bit easier though.


Centurion Burvill

Centurion Burvill, at your service. Glory to the Empire and all that. We visited this really awesome Roman Fort called Chesters, and the guy behind the counter let me wear a centurion’s helmet and hold a gladius. It was awesome!

Snow on the ground!

Day 2 begins!

Just setting off for the second day! It’s not nearly as far today luckily, only eleven miles (They lied to us again, they said it was nine). It was also a lot colder and the ground was covered in a dusting of snow, as you will see in later pictures.


Longest day done!

We were completely dead by the end of that first day, luckily it was the longest day, and the second is much shorter. It was getting dark by the time we arrived at the Bed and Breakfast. Read on to see more pictures and keep an eye out for later updates!


I never quite realised just how built up Newcastle was, it’s huge! In fact I’d say that we spent more of the first day in Newcastle than outside it! What you can se in the background is the Milennium Bridge, or Winking Bridge. It’s called theat because it rises and falls to allow boats to pass under it like an eye winking. 

The Wall

We didn’t see much of the wall during our first day. You can see why they say to start at this end to be honest. But what we did see was incredible; it’s amazing to think that this wall was built 1900 years ago. This is a picture of the wall just before it trails into the river on the East Coast. You can also see along the walk that pieces of the wall have been repurposed to built barriers along the way, which was pretty cool.


They lied to us! They said that the first day would be 21 miles, but it was 22! That last mile killed me.

Leaving the East Coast!

Picture of the East Coast just before we left! I didn’t really appreciate just how far I’d be walking at that point! Anyway I’m going to be uploading lots of pictures for the walk, so keep your eyes out!


Looks like its's going to be the coldest week of the year during my walk! So that's fun! Slightly apprehensive about the weather but still looking forward to it all the same!

Map of my route!

The Blog of my walk

I'll be updating the map on this page along my walk to show my progress along with some pictures as well.

This is a fundraiser for my approaching trip to Sri Lanka in July, where I will be going with a number of other students from my school in Farnham to help children from our sister school on the Island. 

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